SMH, Good Food

Bondi has taken to Drake like a duck to water. Even on a dull winter's night, the place is a party or, at least, a dinner party. What was Robert Marchetti's ambitious La Macelleria Italian butcher's shop is now a neighbourhood eatery, no doubt a better business model to pitch at people who would rather eat out [...]

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Daily Addict

The beach at Bondi is pretty good at drawing its own crowd. And ever since the likes of Messina, Bills Bondi and Mr Moustache opened in 2014, there’s been a reason to stay from morning to night. But for the past six months or so, nothing new has really opened there and the locals have been getting a little [...]

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Time Out Sydney

Add the Drake Eatery to the list of buzzy Bondi food establishments you need to scope out. Seasonal, fresh, locally sourced produce is at the heart of this spot, the first restaurant from award-winning Sydney chef Ian Oakes, formerly seen rattling pans at the Grand National in Paddington. The plates range from side-order-portion small to eating-for-an-army large. [...]

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Sydney Scoop

Bondi Beach. Quality produce. Delicious dishes. Generous serves. Decent pricing. Sunny service. Lunch and Dinner. Newly opened restaurant Drake Eatery gives a thoughtful range of menu options. Dishes start at just $4 for Spiced roasted almonds, or for individual freshly shucked seasonal oysters. Plates of $9 meats and cheeses are a top idea. Smoked bresaola, [...]

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City News

It’s hard to say what I like about Drake Eatery the most. Just opened and already booked out, the light wood furnishings and grainy yellow floor scream beach, while dark wood highlights and floor-to-ceiling windows exude casual cool—it’s perfect for Bondi. What’s more, Chef Ian Oakes named this beachside venture after his favourite protein, and the avenue [...]

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